Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time Flying by

So I am just sitting her at work and have a few minutes before I go start rounds. These last few weeks have just flown right on by. Like I wish I could just tell you lovers every little detail of all my adventures. But I will just tell a few of my favorites.

1) Going to Kenny Chesney, Billy Currington, and Uncle Kracker ( I wonder if he is really an uncle) with my Dear friend Chantel. I haven't seen her in ages and this was a great way to get together.

2- Seeing Brittany and helping her get ready for her wedding that holy cow is less than a month away.

3: Hanging out with the sweetest guy EVER. I have the funnest time with this boy. Like every we hang out we have best days and they are never the same. He is pretty random and likes to do new things. We have gone hiking in the rain, went to the ice caves, swimming, to the movies and to BAR B Qs with our nurse friends. And we are going camping this next weekend and going river rafting which I have never done before which I am pretty stoked to do.
And P.S. he brings me a cherry limeade just because he knows they are my favorite and his day off... cute huh I think so!:)

4! Seeing my family. I love them so much and it seems like every time I go home my time there flys by WAY to fast. I am seeing them this weekend too... I can't wait!!!! And I get to see Tiffani too.

well lovers pictures are coming soon!!! Peace out until next time.
love Kris

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just a Few

I know I know it has been FOREVER since I have blogged and a few people have let me know.So a few things that I am totally obsessed with for a couple weeks are

1) Sex and the City!
 I know kind of a strange but I am hooked and can't stop watching. I kind of want to move to New York with my best friends and find hot sexy men and shop until I drop. I hope when I get married I am like these 4 women that still make the time to be with each other even though they each have a crazy busy life.
Sex and the City: The Complete Third Season Movie Poster

2) Farmer Boys!
I just can't help myself. There is something about these boys that I LOVE. Their farmer tans, work cowboy boots, semi tighter jeans, you name it I probably like it. Oh and I said it before but I think their tractors are SEXY:)!

 3) Feathers!!!! I totally want a feather for my hair. I want to get a peacock feather put in.... the only problem there is a shortage for feathers because everybody wants them. I am anxiously waiting for the next shipment whenever that is so I can have one put in my hair. I just want it to come fast!!!!

4) VANS!!! I totally love my vans. they are so comfortable and so cute. I swear I can wear them every day. One day I will have one in every color.
So a little update. I am Loving my job. It keeps me super busy Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and most of the time on my days off too with either getting called in or meetings. I feel like I dont' get any sleep these days but that's ok I can sleep when I die I guess. I went to Utah last weekend to go to my friend Teniel's wedding. She looked gorgeous and I loved her dress and her Bridesmaids dresses. What was cool about her reception is she had a photobooth there for her guests, it was a great idea and way fun. I got to see my best friend Tiffani and my other best friend Brittany surprised her family and came up too. So it was really good to see them. Britt is about to get married in few months and me and Danica( which is gorgeous more than ever and going to be Miss Utah) tried on our bridesmaid dresses while she was down and all I can say is I need bigger boobs hahahah. I loved seeing Tiffani and being able to catch up on our gossip! Brad came down to for the weekend and it was way fun to hang out with him and my favorite brother. My mom was great to spoil me and going with me shopping and she probably liked this trip a lot better because I bought all my stuff. But I loved being with my family and my trip went by way way way too FAST I just didn't want to leave quite yet. This weekend I went on a way fun first date with a guy I work with. All the nurses on the surgery floor have been trying to set us up ever since I started working there and he thought I didn't know .... oh but I did. He took me to this icecream place to get this home made buttercream icecream it was delicious! Now he is way big into fishing so he showed me this HUGE sturgeon fish i guess they can live up to 200 years or something. Then we went hiking down this canyon to the river where the water is this pretty clear blue while it was pouring rain and freezing but we had a blast. And then we went to dinner and he ordered alligator and I tried it and it was actually pretty good it tastes sort of like chicken. Oh and on the date I had to meet the parents and if you know me I don't like meeting parents but they were actually not too bad. But I had a lot of fun with him. Well lover that all I have for now I am doing super great up in Idaho so until next time peace out.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life as an "IDAHO-IN"

Hello lovers I know long time but I have a day off so I will fill y'all in. Last Saturday was my first "offical" night working my regular shift. Yes I am working full time nights. I have been just working and helping other therapist with their load and trying to figure out everything in the hospital. Since the BIG move to the new hospital is sneaking up in 20 days as employees we have to go over to the new hospital and get oriented so we won't get lost. I honestly don't think that will happen because it is HUGE and everything is so spread out!!! But all in all I just think we should move now because I am lost at the 'old'  hospital and what's going to happen I will start to fill comfortable in the old one and then we will move. Oh and since we are moving to a new hospital they think every body needs a dress code. Luckily the Respiratory department is green and not some of the other gay colors. But its kind of weird to walk into the department and we are all wearing the same color. "It looks like we are on a golf coarse" Love my coworkers and I will miss the girls on day shift thanks for making work fun.
Anywho my first night i thought went pretty smooth and I am starting to like the guys I worked with even though I was the only girl we kept things lively and us awake. And then I had to work with them again the next night and they all joked and said I was probably crazy to come back again to hang out and work with them.

My Idaho friends say I am now a Idaho-In and no longer a "U-TARD " and yes they are boys. But I am really starting to kind of like it here except that it is so freaking cold. Some things to do in small town Paul is stroll Main. I know sounds super exciting not really but just find someone with a truck with the middle seat and there you have it. And if you know me I had to sweet talk some farmer let me drive his truck. It was so funny to see his face he thought I was crazy to ask to drive but he unwillingly let me drive and then our other friend wanted to drive after me. Another thing to do in this town is go to the bridge with the railroad track going over it and climb under a pillar  and sit right under the railroad tracks while the train goes by. I have to admit I was kind of scared and really cold because we decided to go on the coldest night with freezing.But it was super fun. I also went to the Shoshone falls now that is a sight to go see.I am actually staring to get somewhat good at playing pool. I used not to be able to hit the ball into the pockets but after playing a couple times I am getting better. then we do what you do in every other town like bowl, watch redboxes, just hang out, do crazy random things. I can't wait until it gets warm because that means going to the lake, boating, cliff jumping, golfing and quite frankly being warm!:) So these are a few things that I have done in these last few weeks. Just keeping it real. That's all for now peace out lovers!

Oh and I almost forgot my next adventure is I need to talk some hot farmer boy to give me a ride on his tractor! I know kind of cheesy but I am super excited to ride on a tractor because one it will be with a good looking boy  and two I get to ride on a sexy tractor!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drum Roll....

So lovers if you have not heard yet I got a job at St. Luke's Magic Valley Hospital up in Twin Falls, Idaho. Yes I did have to move up to Idaho but I will just live with my grandparents that live in Paul which is about 30 min. away from Twin.

View Photo0204...jpg in slide show
Now of you haven't heard the story of how I ended up in Idaho here you have it, It might get a little confusing. About 2 weeks ago before I went to St. George when it rained all weekend, I was told I had a job up in Cody, Wyoming working with the Veteran's of America some in the hospital and doing home health and the farthest place I would drive to is 300 miles there and then 300 miles back and they said I would probably have to drive there once a week...eww! (If you know me, you know I don't like to be in the car that long haha). I was going to take the job because I needed a job and NO places in Utah were hiring. Wyoming was just waiting for my background check and my drug test to come through to give the office job offer. In the mean time while I was waiting for the offer Idaho called me to do a interview while I was down in St. George that Friday afternoon. I told them my situation that I would rather live in Idaho than Wyoming but I can't give up a full time position for a maybe position. The human resource lady told me all they can do is interview at this time. So I set up a over the phone interview Monday. On Monday I had a really good interview with Idaho. They said they liked me enough to have a second interview. So that evening I drove up to my grandparents stayed the night and had a face to face interview with the managers and then a 15 min interview with the staff that was working that day. I kind of had to push them for an answer because I was running out of time and Wyoming called and left a message to have me call them to go over my offer. Idaho said they would let me know by Wednesday night yay or nay by the latest. Wednesday morning Wyoming called again I didn't answer. I swear every call I got which was a lot, because they wanted to know if Idaho called yet, my heart started to beat fast thinking it was Idaho calling. Finally at 3:45 the call I had been waiting came through. She then offered me the job and I swear I stopped breathing because I could not believe my ears. After I hung up I called a few people and while I was talking to Tiffani I got way dizzy and about passed out hahaa and also when I talked to her it meant that we were going to go to St. George that weekend. It all depended if we went down is if I got a job or not. Because If i didn't get Idaho I was going  to have to pack up all my things and buy a lot of things. But in order to go to George that weekend I had to bust my butt to fill out papers, to go do a drug test, send papers to my teachers, have the state of Utah send papers so I could get my Idaho License. Let me tell you I like getting a Utah Licence better than Idaho, because all you have to do for Utah is pay them money and you have it.

 Anyways I got my paperwork sent away and had a fantastic weekend in George. I went down on Thursday night and hung out with Baby Face before he had to go to work. Then Friday Tiff came down and Pierie stayed the weekend with us. It was so warm, it got up to 86 degrees. We layed out got color, watched movies, ate junk food, dyed Tiff's hair, visited Britt and Sam. Over all the trip was way too short and when we drove home it was snowing it was a sad thing to come home too after 86 degrees.
Then during the week I had to go buy the last little things before I moved up to Idaho. Then Yesterday morning I moved up to Idaho and then had to fill out a whole bunch of paper work. I start new employee orientation Monday morning! Well lovers Idaho is cold but it looks like it's going to another new adventure for me. Peace out for now Lovers.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week in a BLUR

This last week went by so fast that it felt like I did all my activities in one day. But to start off the week Greg Tiffany Bailey Maddie and me went to the Bon Jovi concert. It was BOMB!!!! He sang for like 2 hours straight not really talking just singing continuously and he still has it. Our seats kind of sucked we were way way up in the boodocks, Like a couple rows down from the the very top of the energy solutions center. But it was still super fun and our tickets were only $5 bucks. But I can't believe how many 40 something ladies were there. I don't have the pictures from the concert yet but don't worry lovers I will post the when  get them.:)
Then I went down with my family to St. George. I was hoping to bust out my shorties but we must have brought the cold weather with us and it just rained and rained. But that did not stop me from having fun. I got to see Pierie which I haven't seen in AGES. We drove up on Friday to Cedar and went on a double date and saw Limitless it was a pretty good movie. Then me and Billy left and did our own thing while Pier and Dylan did there thing. I really like hanging out with Billy  It was so funny I was waiting for her to text me and she was waiting for me to text her to go over to her grandma's good thing we are sneaky so we didn't wake anyone up. Funny thing while we were sleeping I rolled over and tried to snuggle we Pier she was like Kristin what are you doing. I turned to my side and made sure my hands were kept to myself... I guess I was thinking she was a boy hahah. Then we drove back to St. George in the morning in the snow eww!
 I have missed  Ricky Bobby which I didn't think I would but I do and  I am so glad I got to see him for a little bit:)!!!  Since it was raining me and my dad couldn't go golfing. So I bought my TomTom and so far I love him and we haven't been in a fight yet. Then we had to test him out so we went to the car dealership and looked at cars. Probably at the end of the summer I will be buying a new car. I am leaning towards a Mazda3 and as of Saturday a Chevy Cruze. Then I might get a Subaru WRZ because it all wheel drive or another Honda Civic and they are coming out with a new model I think in May or sometime this summer.

Chevy Cruze

Subaru WRX


If you haven't noticed I want a white car because black would be way to hard to keep clean. But I also might want a charcoal grey color. Saturday Night was a blast. I went over with Pierie and Dylan to Sam's apartment to see him and Brittany. Sam and Jordan wanted to play poker instead of watch a movie. So Sam, Jordan, me, Britt and Travis, and Dylan and Pier played poker. When Cameron got home from work he bought in and I totally smoked him. It came down to me and Sam and we were both getting tired so we split the pot and I came away $25 bucks richer.Sam said " you know if we kept playing I would have won" deep down he knows that I would have won because I don't know how I do it but my speciality is getting flushes.
Sunday we came back and I went up to Brad's to Jonah's birthday party. I can't believe he is already 2. He is getting so big! While I was there me Greg, Brad, and Tiffany we rocked rock band!) Well lovers that is all for now. Peace out:)
P.S. coming soon details about my new job!


I will write about my past weekend and hopefully about my new job when I have more than 15 min. to spare. So hopefully when you come back there will be something more than this.... Well lovers have a great day and peace out!:)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

WARNING: A little venting going on

Well lovers this little quote is so true. I know a lot of girls will agree. But I wonder why is it this way. You want out of  my life and then you just sneak your way back in like you never did anything wrong...I wish I was stronger and be like you ignored me this whole time like you didn't want anything to do with me and now you want to go back to how things were ...WELL WE CAN"T so you can keep ignoring me since your so good at it. But I can't do it. I am the type of girl that hates any confrontation and I try to avoid it. I want every one to just get along and be happy. No pain, no hurt, no tears, just simply happiness!!! I know I don't need you and I can find someone better but there is something about you that I like and can't stop thinking about you. So unless you really want to be friends again don't start sweet talking and saying cute little things that you know that will send me running back to you the end.Well lovers I just had to speak my mind for a minute. That's all for now peace out

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Little Visit

Hello Blog lovers this past weekend I went down to the "Land of Sun" aka St. George and it was AMAZING!!!!! I kind of wish that I still lived down there with all my friends. The trip seriously went by so so fast that I couldn't believe it was already time to come home.   I got to see one of my best friends while I was there. Brittany and I have been together ever since 3rd grade. And now she is still down there while I am up here. And I think we needed to see each other which I am glad I got to see her. We have so many memories, laughs and crazy adventures. We have had our up and downs but I am glad to have her in my life. And now that she is practically engaged so we don't talk as much and were not as close as we used to but that is a given when the other is engaged but don't me wrong I still love her and miss her.
I got to see my old roommate Kelsey and she is just as beautiful as ever almost done with nursing school and then I got to see Sam. Funny thing about Sam is that he has the Bieber Fever just like me. It’s funny to watch him show you his Justin Bieber moves and sing the songs. I even got my other best friend Tiffani to come to St. George for a night which is like a MIRACLE! That night was a classic for us. Speeding and being paranoid to show her a "Certain House", Hurrying and parking and ducking to hide from cops, switching drivers at a drive through, having her drive stick while I ate Wendy's, and we almost died driving in a wrong way direction road. And I wish we would have taken pictures but I was bad this trip and didn't take one picture.                                                    

Now I wasn't sure if I wanted to see "Ricky Bobby" because I was just not sure about him. When I hung out with him the first night it was a little awkward at first but because we hadn't seen each other in a while and I guess this was like our first hang out in a while but he is really funny. And plus I had to meet the parent and if anyone knows me I don't like meeting parents because they freak me out for some reason even if they are the nicest and sweetest parents ( I guess you can thank Both Matt's parents and they are  nice people). The next hangout I about gave Tiffani's mom a heart attack about going on a motorcycle ride and she about gave me one as well when she came up to my car to make sure I was still alive got to love Stacey! Ricky Bobby is a nice boy with a very sexy bike and I liked hanging out with him even though he pretend lies to me all the time!!!

On the other hand "baby face" I had a lot of fun with him. The problem with him is I can't read him. I don't even know why I like him or attracted to him. I didn't get to spend as much time with him as I wanted for the fact he has school and work but I did like the time we got. I would just like him to open up to me and tell me what he wants!!!

Well lovers I need a job as a respiratory therapist and basically there are NO jobs right now with the economy which sucks major. So I might be going to summer school and do my back up plan but we will just see. So Pray and cross your fingers that I get a job because I seriously need some moo- la because I want a new car! That's basically it for now Peace out lovers!!!

P.S. One of my good friends gets home in about 4 months from his mission :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Eminem - No Love (Tyler Ward Family Acoustic Piano Cover) - Lil Wayne

Love This!!! Thanks Tiffani for sharing this!!!

Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris

How can not love this Kid!!!!

I got the FEVER

This weekend was pretty much AMAZING!!!! My Best Friend Tiffani came home this weekend which was good since I was left home by myself dog- sitting while the parentals went to the land of the sun ...aka St George. Pretty much anything me and Tiffani do is an adventure. One funny thing is when we went to 7-11 to get the BEST chocolate donuts and Slurpees, when we were filling up our Slurpee a dad with about 5 kids came barging in excited to get their slurpee, the dad was like ok you guys can have any kind you want but no Mountain Dew because you will be up all night!!!! Then he realized that we were there and was like you guys can have it and he got really embarrassed it was hilarious.

   Now can I just tell you that I have Bieber FEVER!!! Tiff and I went to the Justin Bieber movie and it's just so hard not to have the Bieber fever after watching this cute boy perform. He is just so cute with his blonde flipping hair, he memorizing eyes, and of course his amazing voice!!! Now your all probably thinking Kristin has gone nuts... But once you have the Bieber Fever its not going away. Here are a Few pics at the movie.

The Blu-ray Edition of Paranormal Activity 2 - Paramount PicturesNote to Self: Don't watch a scary movie with your friends when you have to go home and be by yourself. I seriously was so scared after watching Paranormal Activity 2. I thought I would be ok, because I thought the first one was kind of stupid and fell asleep in it... But I was wrong and I got so scared and since the 2nd movie made the first one make more first. I was so scared after the movie that at 3 in the morning I made James hold my hand while walking to my car and funny thing is I tripped and fell and brought him down with me haha sorry James. Then once I got home and got into bed I kept thinking about the scary movie and I had to sleep with my head underneath the covers which I never DO! Also this weekend brought home the first of our group home from his mission, Mat Snarr! I can't believe 2 years have already came and gone and he is back. I am so excited for all our boys to come home. I forgot to take a picture at the homecoming with him and all of our friends. But I am excited for him to be home! And can't wait for the others to come home!!! Well Lover that's all until next time peace out

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update coming soon!!

Sometime soon I will update the Blog with whats been going on in my life which has kept been pretty busy. So lovers check back in a couple days and hopefully I will have something new up.  Peace out lovers!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Quality

Hello blogger lovers so this last Sunday I spent the day with my favorite Brother Greg and his roommates. And can I just tell you that Greg is the best brother I could ever have and I hope I am as good to him as he is to me. I went to his singles ward up at U's institute with him and his roommates. Greg parked kind of in the back because we were kind of late. When we were walking up there is this little slope/hill filled with rocks that you have to walk up or you have to walk around. Since I was wearing heels Greg just picked me up without asking so I didn't ruin my heels or walk around. He just does little cute considerate things and makes sure everyone is happy. Also during church he almost got in a fight for sticking up for his roommate.... which not to be rude sings so BAD but it is hilarious but the guys in front of us didn't haha! Greg is seriously one of kind. These days no boys will ask girls out on a date... it's usually let's "hang out" or "a bunch of us are going to hang out tonight you should come" and then it just ends up enough people to couple off. Greg will ask girls out to date not just to hang out and he really respects the girl he takes out and will not try any funny business. Him and I always laugh about the guys I go out with because it usually ends up the same. Greg's best friend Brad and him tell me I can find a good looking guy but I haven't found a good looking guy with good quality. I hope I can find a guy that has as good quality as my brother. I might be the over protected sister but Tiffany (the girl he is dating) you should feel like the luckiest girl to have catched a good guy like Greg! Well Lovers now you know who I look up to and who my best friend in the world is. Peace Out!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Studying Pays Off

Hello blogger lovers last week I had to drive down to St. George Wednesday night, to wake up the next morning to drive down to Vegas to take a test. Now this test was one of my state boards to allow me to become certified as a respiratory therapist. Ever since I moved back home after finals my parents have pretty much put me in a study lock down. My days would consist of me being woke up at 9:00AM study until about 1 take an hour lunch break and then study some more until about 4 and then have the evening to myself.
Now with all the trouble the NBRC has put me through I was pretty frustrated and just wanted to take my test!! For instance by the time I was able to take my test the majority of the people from my class had taken the first test. I am guessing the people in the NBRC office hate me because I was on the phone with them every day to see if they fixed the problem and let me sign up for my test. Well eventually they fixed the problem and I signed up the first week after the New Year. 2 days before I was suppose to take my test they called me up and told me I had to reschedule. I was like great... but oh well so I signed up for the next possible time which was a week later. A couple days before they called and told me I had to reschedule again and wanted me to wait 2 more weeks. This time I was not only frustrated but Pissed so I was like screw it I will drive to Vegas. The only time I could take it was 9 there. Thankfully my mom went down with me so she could drive while I studied. But I have not got up before 9 since I got home so waking up at 5:30 was a little early for me. But as I took my 3 hour test in a little room where a camera is right in front of your watching your every move plus the stress that this test is $190 and if you fail that is just a waste of money and you will just have to fork it up again. Then after submitting the test and feeling like your heart has just dropped, you have to take another 30 questionnaire survey about taking your test and the facility that you’re in when all you want to know is if you passed your test your not. Then I walked out to the front and I was shaking and the lady asked if I was ok and I told her I was just nervous and wanted to know my results. Then when the results were printing the lady was like do you want me to look and tell you or do you want to just look yourself. I was thinking are you serious I just want to look at them myself because I don't want her to know if I failed haha. So she gave me my results... I PASSED!!! Thank goodness I said a tiny thankful prayer right then and there. I was able to enjoy my weekend. Well Lovers that’s it for now peace out.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 Hello my blogger friends this past weekend I went up to Happy Valley (Provo for you those who didn't know) to spend the weekend with my best friends Chantel and Pierie. A little background on these two chicas for you guys.

Pierie I knew her and would see her every now and then when she was hanging out with Chantel but I wouldn’t really call her a friend we were more “acquaintances.” Finally around her Birthday in September that is when we really started to become friends.  Ever since then we have been I would say inseparable. We can do the same thing every night and still have fun. We have watched so many movies and went to Del taco and Wendys and Papa Johns that the drive through window people probably recognizes us.  Pierie was my insanity when I just had to get away for a little bit. We have so many memories together like are trips up to Provo, Concert, Boys, snowboarding, test driving cars, and many etc. haha! Thanks P for being such a great friend and always being yourself and not caring about about what other people think and being someone I can rely on!!!!


Now for Miss Chantel, the first thing that pops in my head is spontaneous and laughing. Even though she moved back to Provo after the summer I still love this girl. She is our entertainment when we are with her. She can make anything we do fun. Like when we got stuck in her boat of a car up on Provo Mountain some would have freaked out but she made the whole thing Hilareous!  Chantel is the type of friend that makes you feel special every time she sees you. Also with Chan you know whatever you do she will be right there with her camera capturing the whole thing in a big photoshoot that winds up on facebook. Also with Channy there are so many great memories love ya girl!!!!
Friday started with me going down to Provo and Pierie coming up to Provo to meet Chantel in the middle ish. Can I just tell you I need a GPS because i get so lost and about a half hour to a hour later I will find my way around or call someone to get help. Anyways P and I met Chantel and her friend Anna at Chan's new apartment and had exactly 20 minutes to get ready and surprisingly we did it which is a world record for us. We made our way over to the Jersey UVU dance. It was so much fun "white Utah dancing." Now our girl Anna knows how to bust a  move even P thought that cause she was like I love watching Anna right before she passed out. Chan and I took her out and P is so crazy she just wanted to get back in the dance and keep dancing. We went back in danced, sang, jumped and about an hour later while we were jumping up and down P passed out again. Me and Chan took her out and we're like ok we are done but P just wanted to get back in there. Luckily for her sake the dance was ending. (I believe P is anemic and that’s why she passes out.) After the dance we went to Wendys got frostys and went back to Chan's apartment to crawl into our sweats around 1 ish. We talked, laughed and reminisced until about 3:30 ish and apparently pissing off and keeping up Chan's new roommate.
Saturday we woke up and P and Chan went tanning then came back and we got ready in 45 minutes which again is record time to go out to lunch with some friends. We went to Olive Garden with Andy, Rachael, Brandon, and some girl that was with him. ( I met them a while back when I went camping in Levan). Then our friends Steve and Bruce met up with us as well. After some yummy food and catching up we went to Down East so Chan could buy some jeans. Steve picked out this ugly green cardigan ( like V neck button up sweater that an old man would wear) I thought he was totally joking when he showed me this sweater and started laughing. So Chan bought her jeans and Steve Bought his "Ugly cardigan" because it was 50% off haha.  After shopping there Chan had to go to work, so me and P went over to Steve's to watch a movie or aka take a nap. I just love awkward situations... NOT. But I am so thankful for P being there with me even though she took the heat when we didn't want to go to a stupid hockey game for my sake. So we went to Victoria Secret for their semi- annual sale which i picked up some really cute underwear. Then we went to pick up Chan from work because she got off work early and we went to the grocery store to pick up frozen pizza, ice cream, pink lemonade, chips and a redbox (Easy A) to start our night off. Went went back to her apartment and we ate our pizza and chips and went out on her balcony to look at the pool. you know you are in Provo when a guy that just moved there 2 hours before wants to know if you’re in his ward and then finds his way to your apartment without you telling him where you live to come up because he wanted to introduce himself " because he really wants to get to know people and wants to know when our church is,".....CREEPER. Then Steve, Gab, and Mike came over to watch the movie. Now ladies if you ever have the chance ask Mike for a back scratch he will give a massage and a back scratch that is amazing!!! After the movie an intense game of phase 10 was played... sorry Gab you’re not the champion of phase 10 this game.... that would go to Chantel. Then the boys left we talked a little and hit the sack because we were so exhausted. Sunday me and P left and headed back to for the real world to start back up again on Monday. I loved every minute I was with these girls and can't wait for another reunion with these girls. Sorry I don't have any pictures from this weekend yet. Well thats all for now. Peace out lovers!
(P.S. I hate Provo parking it is a Joke.)

Me, Chan, and P

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So this is my first blog so readers bare with me.  2010 was a great year but I can already tell 2011 is going to be even better than last year. A brief overcast of what happened in 2010. I graduated from Dixie State College with my associates of Respiratory Therapy and Associates of Applied Science. I LOVED being down in St. George. I have made so many new friends down there I feel now that I am in Tooele all my friends are down there.  Down at Dixie I have had some pretty AWESOME roommates. First starting my whole “college’ experience with my Best friend Tiffani, Then came along our other Best friend Brittany the next semester. Tiffani moved out and then Teneil came along and lasted about a semester before she moved back home.  Kelsey was our neighbor across the street and her roommate moved out so she moved in with me and Britt. And our last roommate was Shay. So needless to say I have had quite the roommates and I loved all of them. I am excited to see what the new year brings and hopefully just as fun memories as the previous year.

 Now on to the good stuff, to start off New Year I have already had an adventure. Pierie and I hung out because it was my last night before I left back to Tooele. We went over to our friend Danny’s house for game night. We first played scene it and now I watch a lot of movies but this scene it was old movie which I like old movies but not that much haha. It took like a hour or two before we even finished that game. Then around midnight that is when everybody started to show up. There were a few good looking guys that showed up too. They were Kagen, Jake and Billy. Now I was invited over by a boy too so I couldn’t flirt too much. So as the night went on we played some more games blahblahblah then it came time for everybody to leave. P and I said our goodbyes and got in my car to leave when Jake came over motioned me to roll my window down and asked if we wanted to ride down to Mesquite with them to go pick up a truck. I asked if P can go and he was like yeah, and I told him me and P would talk about it and let him know. Since they were “good looking” we thought what the heck it’s just down and back with them no big deal! We walked over to the car and looked in and there was not enough seats for us all so I was like there are not enough seats for both of us(cause Ashley was in the car with the 3 boys) and Kagen pulls me on his lap and told P to get in the car and we would ride down like that. I was like I am not riding the whole way like this so I sat on Jake’s lap. Now at the beginning of the night I thought Jake was cute but not HOT. The car ride down to Mesquite was really fun and we laughed a lot. Kagen all of the sudden was crap I forgot to stop to get gas, after we passed the last exit out of St. George where we could of stopped. But we kept going even though the gas light turned on, I know stupid but at that point we really didn’t care.  So when we were going down the hill he would put the car in neutral and we would just coast and when we would start going up the hill we all had to move back and forth to help the car get up the hill. Then once we got outside of Mesquite in this little town we took the exit thinking hey there has to be a gas station… wrong so we kept going and under the gas gauge it read ZERO miles until the car ran out of gas as we pulled back on the freeway. So we barely made it to Mesquite and into a gas station. One thing I learned even though a car says zero miles until you run out of gas you can make it just a little bit farther. So after we got gas we drove to Kagen’s house to get his truck. Now I thought we would just get his truck and then head back to St. George… wrong. We went inside his house and it was 12:30am Mesquite time so 1:30am our time. I thought maybe give us a tour get a few things and then leave… wrong again. We all talked for a little bit then started a movie. Now around 3:30 am Mesquite time so 4:30 Utah time P received a text from my mom freaking out because I wasn’t answering my phone. I was like crap so I went and found my phone called her back because I guess she had a bad dream about me and went to check on me and I wasn’t home and I wasn’t answering my phone haha. After the movie we headed back to St. George.  I finally around home about 6 in the morning and got woke up around 8 ish to help clean the house and get ready to leave. now if someone asked if I would do that again I would say HECK YES!!! But I have to tell you that was one spontaneous trip to start the new year!!!!!
Well y’all  I know you are probably thinking this was a total novel but once I started typing I couldn’t stop haha. Well I will try and keep you all updated thanks for reading and feel free to comment!!!! I think I am going to like this blogging thing.