Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drum Roll....

So lovers if you have not heard yet I got a job at St. Luke's Magic Valley Hospital up in Twin Falls, Idaho. Yes I did have to move up to Idaho but I will just live with my grandparents that live in Paul which is about 30 min. away from Twin.

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Now of you haven't heard the story of how I ended up in Idaho here you have it, It might get a little confusing. About 2 weeks ago before I went to St. George when it rained all weekend, I was told I had a job up in Cody, Wyoming working with the Veteran's of America some in the hospital and doing home health and the farthest place I would drive to is 300 miles there and then 300 miles back and they said I would probably have to drive there once a week...eww! (If you know me, you know I don't like to be in the car that long haha). I was going to take the job because I needed a job and NO places in Utah were hiring. Wyoming was just waiting for my background check and my drug test to come through to give the office job offer. In the mean time while I was waiting for the offer Idaho called me to do a interview while I was down in St. George that Friday afternoon. I told them my situation that I would rather live in Idaho than Wyoming but I can't give up a full time position for a maybe position. The human resource lady told me all they can do is interview at this time. So I set up a over the phone interview Monday. On Monday I had a really good interview with Idaho. They said they liked me enough to have a second interview. So that evening I drove up to my grandparents stayed the night and had a face to face interview with the managers and then a 15 min interview with the staff that was working that day. I kind of had to push them for an answer because I was running out of time and Wyoming called and left a message to have me call them to go over my offer. Idaho said they would let me know by Wednesday night yay or nay by the latest. Wednesday morning Wyoming called again I didn't answer. I swear every call I got which was a lot, because they wanted to know if Idaho called yet, my heart started to beat fast thinking it was Idaho calling. Finally at 3:45 the call I had been waiting came through. She then offered me the job and I swear I stopped breathing because I could not believe my ears. After I hung up I called a few people and while I was talking to Tiffani I got way dizzy and about passed out hahaa and also when I talked to her it meant that we were going to go to St. George that weekend. It all depended if we went down is if I got a job or not. Because If i didn't get Idaho I was going  to have to pack up all my things and buy a lot of things. But in order to go to George that weekend I had to bust my butt to fill out papers, to go do a drug test, send papers to my teachers, have the state of Utah send papers so I could get my Idaho License. Let me tell you I like getting a Utah Licence better than Idaho, because all you have to do for Utah is pay them money and you have it.

 Anyways I got my paperwork sent away and had a fantastic weekend in George. I went down on Thursday night and hung out with Baby Face before he had to go to work. Then Friday Tiff came down and Pierie stayed the weekend with us. It was so warm, it got up to 86 degrees. We layed out got color, watched movies, ate junk food, dyed Tiff's hair, visited Britt and Sam. Over all the trip was way too short and when we drove home it was snowing it was a sad thing to come home too after 86 degrees.
Then during the week I had to go buy the last little things before I moved up to Idaho. Then Yesterday morning I moved up to Idaho and then had to fill out a whole bunch of paper work. I start new employee orientation Monday morning! Well lovers Idaho is cold but it looks like it's going to another new adventure for me. Peace out for now Lovers.

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