Monday, February 21, 2011

Eminem - No Love (Tyler Ward Family Acoustic Piano Cover) - Lil Wayne

Love This!!! Thanks Tiffani for sharing this!!!

Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris

How can not love this Kid!!!!

I got the FEVER

This weekend was pretty much AMAZING!!!! My Best Friend Tiffani came home this weekend which was good since I was left home by myself dog- sitting while the parentals went to the land of the sun ...aka St George. Pretty much anything me and Tiffani do is an adventure. One funny thing is when we went to 7-11 to get the BEST chocolate donuts and Slurpees, when we were filling up our Slurpee a dad with about 5 kids came barging in excited to get their slurpee, the dad was like ok you guys can have any kind you want but no Mountain Dew because you will be up all night!!!! Then he realized that we were there and was like you guys can have it and he got really embarrassed it was hilarious.

   Now can I just tell you that I have Bieber FEVER!!! Tiff and I went to the Justin Bieber movie and it's just so hard not to have the Bieber fever after watching this cute boy perform. He is just so cute with his blonde flipping hair, he memorizing eyes, and of course his amazing voice!!! Now your all probably thinking Kristin has gone nuts... But once you have the Bieber Fever its not going away. Here are a Few pics at the movie.

The Blu-ray Edition of Paranormal Activity 2 - Paramount PicturesNote to Self: Don't watch a scary movie with your friends when you have to go home and be by yourself. I seriously was so scared after watching Paranormal Activity 2. I thought I would be ok, because I thought the first one was kind of stupid and fell asleep in it... But I was wrong and I got so scared and since the 2nd movie made the first one make more first. I was so scared after the movie that at 3 in the morning I made James hold my hand while walking to my car and funny thing is I tripped and fell and brought him down with me haha sorry James. Then once I got home and got into bed I kept thinking about the scary movie and I had to sleep with my head underneath the covers which I never DO! Also this weekend brought home the first of our group home from his mission, Mat Snarr! I can't believe 2 years have already came and gone and he is back. I am so excited for all our boys to come home. I forgot to take a picture at the homecoming with him and all of our friends. But I am excited for him to be home! And can't wait for the others to come home!!! Well Lover that's all until next time peace out

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update coming soon!!

Sometime soon I will update the Blog with whats been going on in my life which has kept been pretty busy. So lovers check back in a couple days and hopefully I will have something new up.  Peace out lovers!