Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time Flying by

So I am just sitting her at work and have a few minutes before I go start rounds. These last few weeks have just flown right on by. Like I wish I could just tell you lovers every little detail of all my adventures. But I will just tell a few of my favorites.

1) Going to Kenny Chesney, Billy Currington, and Uncle Kracker ( I wonder if he is really an uncle) with my Dear friend Chantel. I haven't seen her in ages and this was a great way to get together.

2- Seeing Brittany and helping her get ready for her wedding that holy cow is less than a month away.

3: Hanging out with the sweetest guy EVER. I have the funnest time with this boy. Like every we hang out we have best days and they are never the same. He is pretty random and likes to do new things. We have gone hiking in the rain, went to the ice caves, swimming, to the movies and to BAR B Qs with our nurse friends. And we are going camping this next weekend and going river rafting which I have never done before which I am pretty stoked to do.
And P.S. he brings me a cherry limeade just because he knows they are my favorite and his day off... cute huh I think so!:)

4! Seeing my family. I love them so much and it seems like every time I go home my time there flys by WAY to fast. I am seeing them this weekend too... I can't wait!!!! And I get to see Tiffani too.

well lovers pictures are coming soon!!! Peace out until next time.
love Kris

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