Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week in a BLUR

This last week went by so fast that it felt like I did all my activities in one day. But to start off the week Greg Tiffany Bailey Maddie and me went to the Bon Jovi concert. It was BOMB!!!! He sang for like 2 hours straight not really talking just singing continuously and he still has it. Our seats kind of sucked we were way way up in the boodocks, Like a couple rows down from the the very top of the energy solutions center. But it was still super fun and our tickets were only $5 bucks. But I can't believe how many 40 something ladies were there. I don't have the pictures from the concert yet but don't worry lovers I will post the when  get them.:)
Then I went down with my family to St. George. I was hoping to bust out my shorties but we must have brought the cold weather with us and it just rained and rained. But that did not stop me from having fun. I got to see Pierie which I haven't seen in AGES. We drove up on Friday to Cedar and went on a double date and saw Limitless it was a pretty good movie. Then me and Billy left and did our own thing while Pier and Dylan did there thing. I really like hanging out with Billy  It was so funny I was waiting for her to text me and she was waiting for me to text her to go over to her grandma's good thing we are sneaky so we didn't wake anyone up. Funny thing while we were sleeping I rolled over and tried to snuggle we Pier she was like Kristin what are you doing. I turned to my side and made sure my hands were kept to myself... I guess I was thinking she was a boy hahah. Then we drove back to St. George in the morning in the snow eww!
 I have missed  Ricky Bobby which I didn't think I would but I do and  I am so glad I got to see him for a little bit:)!!!  Since it was raining me and my dad couldn't go golfing. So I bought my TomTom and so far I love him and we haven't been in a fight yet. Then we had to test him out so we went to the car dealership and looked at cars. Probably at the end of the summer I will be buying a new car. I am leaning towards a Mazda3 and as of Saturday a Chevy Cruze. Then I might get a Subaru WRZ because it all wheel drive or another Honda Civic and they are coming out with a new model I think in May or sometime this summer.

Chevy Cruze

Subaru WRX


If you haven't noticed I want a white car because black would be way to hard to keep clean. But I also might want a charcoal grey color. Saturday Night was a blast. I went over with Pierie and Dylan to Sam's apartment to see him and Brittany. Sam and Jordan wanted to play poker instead of watch a movie. So Sam, Jordan, me, Britt and Travis, and Dylan and Pier played poker. When Cameron got home from work he bought in and I totally smoked him. It came down to me and Sam and we were both getting tired so we split the pot and I came away $25 bucks richer.Sam said " you know if we kept playing I would have won" deep down he knows that I would have won because I don't know how I do it but my speciality is getting flushes.
Sunday we came back and I went up to Brad's to Jonah's birthday party. I can't believe he is already 2. He is getting so big! While I was there me Greg, Brad, and Tiffany we rocked rock band!) Well lovers that is all for now. Peace out:)
P.S. coming soon details about my new job!

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  1. I am definately cheering for the Mazda 3. Frederick needs a buddy!