Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life as an "IDAHO-IN"

Hello lovers I know long time but I have a day off so I will fill y'all in. Last Saturday was my first "offical" night working my regular shift. Yes I am working full time nights. I have been just working and helping other therapist with their load and trying to figure out everything in the hospital. Since the BIG move to the new hospital is sneaking up in 20 days as employees we have to go over to the new hospital and get oriented so we won't get lost. I honestly don't think that will happen because it is HUGE and everything is so spread out!!! But all in all I just think we should move now because I am lost at the 'old'  hospital and what's going to happen I will start to fill comfortable in the old one and then we will move. Oh and since we are moving to a new hospital they think every body needs a dress code. Luckily the Respiratory department is green and not some of the other gay colors. But its kind of weird to walk into the department and we are all wearing the same color. "It looks like we are on a golf coarse" Love my coworkers and I will miss the girls on day shift thanks for making work fun.
Anywho my first night i thought went pretty smooth and I am starting to like the guys I worked with even though I was the only girl we kept things lively and us awake. And then I had to work with them again the next night and they all joked and said I was probably crazy to come back again to hang out and work with them.

My Idaho friends say I am now a Idaho-In and no longer a "U-TARD " and yes they are boys. But I am really starting to kind of like it here except that it is so freaking cold. Some things to do in small town Paul is stroll Main. I know sounds super exciting not really but just find someone with a truck with the middle seat and there you have it. And if you know me I had to sweet talk some farmer let me drive his truck. It was so funny to see his face he thought I was crazy to ask to drive but he unwillingly let me drive and then our other friend wanted to drive after me. Another thing to do in this town is go to the bridge with the railroad track going over it and climb under a pillar  and sit right under the railroad tracks while the train goes by. I have to admit I was kind of scared and really cold because we decided to go on the coldest night with freezing.But it was super fun. I also went to the Shoshone falls now that is a sight to go see.I am actually staring to get somewhat good at playing pool. I used not to be able to hit the ball into the pockets but after playing a couple times I am getting better. then we do what you do in every other town like bowl, watch redboxes, just hang out, do crazy random things. I can't wait until it gets warm because that means going to the lake, boating, cliff jumping, golfing and quite frankly being warm!:) So these are a few things that I have done in these last few weeks. Just keeping it real. That's all for now peace out lovers!

Oh and I almost forgot my next adventure is I need to talk some hot farmer boy to give me a ride on his tractor! I know kind of cheesy but I am super excited to ride on a tractor because one it will be with a good looking boy  and two I get to ride on a sexy tractor!

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  1. Love the new background! you crack me up Kris :)