Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just a Few

I know I know it has been FOREVER since I have blogged and a few people have let me know.So a few things that I am totally obsessed with for a couple weeks are

1) Sex and the City!
 I know kind of a strange but I am hooked and can't stop watching. I kind of want to move to New York with my best friends and find hot sexy men and shop until I drop. I hope when I get married I am like these 4 women that still make the time to be with each other even though they each have a crazy busy life.
Sex and the City: The Complete Third Season Movie Poster

2) Farmer Boys!
I just can't help myself. There is something about these boys that I LOVE. Their farmer tans, work cowboy boots, semi tighter jeans, you name it I probably like it. Oh and I said it before but I think their tractors are SEXY:)!

 3) Feathers!!!! I totally want a feather for my hair. I want to get a peacock feather put in.... the only problem there is a shortage for feathers because everybody wants them. I am anxiously waiting for the next shipment whenever that is so I can have one put in my hair. I just want it to come fast!!!!

4) VANS!!! I totally love my vans. they are so comfortable and so cute. I swear I can wear them every day. One day I will have one in every color.
So a little update. I am Loving my job. It keeps me super busy Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and most of the time on my days off too with either getting called in or meetings. I feel like I dont' get any sleep these days but that's ok I can sleep when I die I guess. I went to Utah last weekend to go to my friend Teniel's wedding. She looked gorgeous and I loved her dress and her Bridesmaids dresses. What was cool about her reception is she had a photobooth there for her guests, it was a great idea and way fun. I got to see my best friend Tiffani and my other best friend Brittany surprised her family and came up too. So it was really good to see them. Britt is about to get married in few months and me and Danica( which is gorgeous more than ever and going to be Miss Utah) tried on our bridesmaid dresses while she was down and all I can say is I need bigger boobs hahahah. I loved seeing Tiffani and being able to catch up on our gossip! Brad came down to for the weekend and it was way fun to hang out with him and my favorite brother. My mom was great to spoil me and going with me shopping and she probably liked this trip a lot better because I bought all my stuff. But I loved being with my family and my trip went by way way way too FAST I just didn't want to leave quite yet. This weekend I went on a way fun first date with a guy I work with. All the nurses on the surgery floor have been trying to set us up ever since I started working there and he thought I didn't know .... oh but I did. He took me to this icecream place to get this home made buttercream icecream it was delicious! Now he is way big into fishing so he showed me this HUGE sturgeon fish i guess they can live up to 200 years or something. Then we went hiking down this canyon to the river where the water is this pretty clear blue while it was pouring rain and freezing but we had a blast. And then we went to dinner and he ordered alligator and I tried it and it was actually pretty good it tastes sort of like chicken. Oh and on the date I had to meet the parents and if you know me I don't like meeting parents but they were actually not too bad. But I had a lot of fun with him. Well lover that all I have for now I am doing super great up in Idaho so until next time peace out.

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  1. I would just like you to know that I also want a peacock feather in my hair!!